Specifically designed for the treatment of small blisters or blisters located on the side of the foot

It acts as a second skin to :
- Relieve pain instantly
- Avoid friction thanks to a cushioning effect
- Prevent infections: impermeable to water, bacteria and impurities
- Heal quickly: remains in place for several days*.

Box of 6 bandaids
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It can also be used at the first signs of friction to prevent the appearance of a blister.
* Duration may vary depending on the individual

HRA PHARMA Laboratory
COMPEED ® blister dressings, Treatment of blisters on the feet.
Before use, refer to the instructions for use. Ask your pharmacist for advice.
Diabetics: Consult a physician before use.
This medical device is a regulated health product which, under these regulations, bears the CE mark.

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