Since 1985 RYWAN, as precursor, takes the sock out of its banality to make it a product in its own right. The conception of the models, the research of new knitting methods, new materials, of an environmental approach as well as the improvement of our products constitutes the heart of our job, centering our organization around it.
Today RYWAN is offering you a complete range of technical socks and accessories for the well-being of your feet.
All the concepts of our models are done in France with the help of athletes and professionals to then be fabricated in the Italian factories.

  • Design Creations
  • Sample Development
  • Constant research of new materials
  • Keeping up with new technological developments
  • Tests in real conditions

The range of these technical socks associates themselves with the “best of the best” in terms of quality, innovation and notoriety:
 COMPEED® band aids, PIZ BUIN® solar protection products, ESTEX shoe accessories, and the NOENE® collection of joint-protecting soles.