OEKO – TEX Standard 100 Certification / Oeko – Tex Certification

The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a system of control and uniform certification everywhere in the world of raw textiles, semi-done a done at all stages of transformation.
The control on harmful substances including the ones regulated and prohibited by law, chemical products known to be worrisome for the health and the parameters introduced as a health precaution. "It is the global approach of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 that particularly impressed us. This includes not only environmental thematic, but it also includes the insurance of quality as well as security questions, working conditions and social tolerance. This comforted our decision to get certified."
TALUX Certificate n°1105067.0 - RYWAN Certificate n° 1105061.0

Bio BIOcolor Cotton / Bio cotton

Bio-cotton who's production is coordinated by taking into account environmental impact reduction and the preservation of the farmer's health.
Taken into account is the respect of the environment by the use of optimized drying methods and the permanent research to reduce water consumption.
Guaranteed respect of the social norms and working conditions all along the production chain.
A product in bio-color Cotton is the softness and well-being of a naturally better product.

Talux and Rywan are contributors to ECO-EMBALLAGE to be able to eliminate packaging. As proof of their engagement, the "Green Point" on the packaging of the products that they put on the market.
The cardboard used for packaging the socks are recyclable


TALUX and RYWAN are contributors of TRIMAN®.