More than 30 years of experience working for your feet have allowed Rywan to develop patents, concepts and unique techniques. In each of our product lines you will find the best of our technology adapted precisely for the needs of their users.

Over view of our technology

Breathable Climasocks technology
Brevets/Patents N° FR 0553148 et FR 0552375

A revolution in the art of knitting socks
Micro-perforations positioned under and on top of the foot and a moisture evacuating fiber creates air ventilation in the sock.
With each step, each stride, the foot is instantaneously hyperventilated and all condensation is evacuated, keeping the foot perfectly dry.

Effectiveness proved

The tests we did demonstrate an increase in air circulation of up to 570% more, depending on the Climasocks model, compared to the standard models used without that technology

Scientifically tested

Tested by an independent laboratory certified ISO which following the standards of Test UNI ISO 9237, shows air circulation from the inside towards the outside of the socks creating an air depression of 100 Hpa for 60 seconds on a 20 cm2 area. The results are in mm/s ( 65% hydrometry conditions – 20° C temperature)

Brevets/Patents N° 0317434 - FR 8716027 - FR 0552375 - FR 0553148
Technology merger, breathability and prevention

Bi-material double layer ventilation socks

Protects and prevents the creation of blisters because the friction happens between the two socks and not on the foot
Has a hyperventilation thanks to the micro-perforation on and under the foot that allow air circulation up to 251% higher than a standard sock : with each step the pressure on the sole evacuates the humid air to then ventilate dry air
BI-CLIMASOCKS by RYWAN, never has the art of knitting socks been pushed so far

Asymmetrical soles

Comfort and prevention
Right/Left foot: a sole knitted for a right or left foot accompanied of an initial D (Right) or G (Left) to identify them.